Assets of Community Value


Must the nominating group have an intention to buy the pub if it goes on sale?
If the owner decides to sell the pub, can only the nominating group express an interest in buying it?
Can CAMRA Branches nominate pubs as ACVs?
Is the fact that there are other pubs nearby a valid reason not to accept an ACV nomination?
Can a currently closed pub be nominated?
If the owner says they have no intention of ever reopening the pub, does that invalidate an ACV nomination?
Can the owner demand that the ACV be restricted to the pub building itself?
If the Council turns down our nomination, can we appeal?
Can the owner appeal against a Council's decision to register and, if yes, does the applicant have a say?
If the pub is sold as a pub i.e. as a going concern, do the moratorium and community right to bid still apply?
Who is the “owner” for purposes of the ACV procedure?
When there's a nomination, who must the Council inform?
What information about ACVs must a Council publish?
Will nominating the pub upset the licensee?

CAMRA has also created a licensee support pack which includes a window sticker for them to display in celebration of their ACV status. For more information visit

A small number of licensees will, for whatever reason, object to being nominated but, at the end of the day, they are only custodians of a community asset and the long-term interests of the pub itself must come first.