Third Party CAMRA ‘Supporting’ Logos

As a consumer organisation, it is important that CAMRA’s Master Logo is recognised as the symbol of an independent body, that does not endorse or affiliate with third parties without very specific reasons. The CAMRA master logo on its own must not be used by any external body.

However, we do recognise that many organisations wish to show their genuine support for our activities, and that it is important for the promotion of CAMRA within the brewing & pub industries and to the general public that we provide third parties the opportunity to do so.

Therefore Branches can give local approval for pubs or breweries to use ‘Supporting’ logos which state “This …… supports the aims of CAMRA”. Anyone using a logo online must ensure that it links to the local or national CAMRA website.

Approval to use supporting logos must be gained in advance from the Branch.

For other organisations that wish to use a generic support logo, we need to get approval from the national Marketing Head. These state “We support the aims of CAMRA” or “Supporting CAMRA”.

If you want to use a supporting logo, please contact the Secretary who will seek the necessary approvals. We can also provide electronic files (.jpg or .png format) of the logos.