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4th York beer census – 17th November 2018

The fourth York beer census will be on 17th November 2018. You can register your interest to volunteer here.

25 volunteers took part in the 3rd beer census in 2016 to count a total of 328 different real areas in 212 pubs across York city limits.

A lot has happened since then. We’ve lost some old favourites like the Falcon Tap but we’ve seen new pubs open including BrewDog, Pavement Vaults and this year the second Trembling Madness and bars in Spark. We know York is still great place to discover great variety of beers in some lovely pubs but what do the numbers say? And how do we stack up against other beer hotspots like Sheffield and Leeds? Let’s be honest, we all enjoy a bit of bragging about our city and our beer census lets us do that with hard numbers.

In 2012 we found 257 beers, 2014 276 beers, and 2016 328 beers. Compare that to Leeds who found 372 in their last survey in 2016 and Sheffield who found 360 different beers in 2017. Both of those are fine Yorkshire cities but the advantage of York is that we have so much variety within (and without) our city walls so you never have to walk far to find something different.

Taking part in the York beer census helps us put a marker in the map of York as a City of Ale. Maybe, just maybe, The City of Ale.

Volunteers on the day are asked to visit 3-5 pubs and to note down the available beers and then bring the list back to a city centre HQ where we count the results. Enjoying a beer in each of the pubs you survey is encouraged but not mandatory. We’re hoping to organise some food at HQ for volunteers and keep you abreast of the results as they come in.

Sign up below to register your interest and keep up to date with the planning. We’ll keep your details until we announce the results of the beer census and only use them to tell you details about volunteering and the results of the census.

Register your interest to volunteer here


York Beer Census 18 June 2016

The third York beer census was on Saturday 18 June.

Preliminary results show more than 300 unique real ales on sale in York.

This is more than we found in 2014 showing that York continues to grow and develop as a great city of ale. We will crunch the numbers over the next week, so look out for more results soon.

Thank you to all our volunteers who went out and about surveying York pubs. Thank you to the volunteers who stayed put and helped type in the information from those survey forms.

Finally we need to say very special thank you to Lee & Wayne at BrewYork for hosting the York beer census HQ, for their help in organising a great space to work and for their goodie bags and beer for all our volunteers that were really appreciated by all.

Follow us on @yorkbeercensus for updates.